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Our Services

  • Staff relief in Hospitals, Group Homes, Nursing Homes, Shelters, Retirement Homes and Institutions, Assisted Living Supportive Housing
  • Convalesce and Chronic Care
  • Care of the elderly and cognitively impaired
  • Personal care (bathing, grooming)
  • Homemaking (laundry, cleaning)
  • Companion care
  • Support to individuals with special needs
  • Short and long term assignments
  • Caregiver relief
  • Respite services (day, overnight, weekend)
  • Assistance with medication
  • Palliative care
  • Community skills training and support
  • Escort with appointments
  • Day Program Support
  • Classroom assistant
  • Child care support
  • Behavioral support
  • Correctional Centre Support

Support Services

By serving the community since 2001. FSS gain the experience to understand the needs of organizations and the people that we serve and their families. We strive to maintain our position as a leader in temporary staffing services to the health care and social services sectors.

We can proudly say that we are partners with reputable and well establish associations and organizations in the GTA and other regions of Ontario. Organizations and families subscribe to our services because of reliability, dedicated professional personnel, our genuine interest in the developmental services and our proven capacity to deliver excellent service. FSS is proud to have an exemplary client retention rate of more than 90%. This allows for consistency, rapport building, trust, and relationship.

Services provided by Freedom Support Services include. but are not limited to:

  • Temporary and full-time relief for hospitals, long-term care and residential care facilities, shelters, and correctional centres
  • Home health care
  • Personal care
  • Behaviour management, preparation for independence
  • Community skills training, integration, dining, shopping
  • Child care support
  • Companionship
  • Respite care
  • Medication assistance
  • Palliative care

We supply a wide range of personnel which includes:

Personal Support Workers

Personal Support Workers provide personal support services to individuals under care and their families. Support can take place in the community, at home, and in long-term care facilities and institutions. Services include assistance with activities of daily living, personal care and hygiene, restorative/activation activities and home management activities.

While persons trained as Personal Attendants & Personal Support Workers are expected to use judgment in responding to the needs of their clients, they are not expected to diagnose, assess or to respond to acute or unexpected situations (beyond any emergency assistance which might be required). Back to Top

Health Care Aides

Health Care Aides work in the community and in clients homes. They assist people with daily activities, such as household management and meal preparation. There is often an emphasis placed on personal freedom, individuality, interpersonal skills, safety, and abuse awareness. Back to Top

Registered Practical Nurses

Registered Practical Nurses prepare and administer routine medications and treatments as directed. RPNs clean wounds and lesions, prepare, apply or replace dressings and bandages, and occasionally provide personal care for as required, and perform housekeeping duties. RPNs prepare and maintain documentation, such as charts, records and incident reports. RPNs accompany physician on rounds to provide information on persons' general condition and progress. RPNs also assist in examinations. Back to Top

Social Service Workers

Social Service Workers are trained to work with people who are experiencing distressing events in their lives, from both an individual perspective, and in a way that examines how society can contribute to challenges and crises in people's lives. Social Service Workers help people to promote their rights and meet their responsibilities in ways that empower them. Back to Top

Developmental Service Workers

Developmental Service Workers promote the development and maintenance of health and well being, life skills, and personal empowerment of people with developmental disabilities. They have theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the social service, education and health areas. A Developmental Service Worker supports people of all ages with different linguistic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and their families, in a large range of community settings. Back to Top

Child and Youth Workers

Child and Youth Workers work with troubled children and adolescents (4-18) and their families. They can work for the Children's Aid Society, open custody group homes for young offenders, residential and day treatment programs in children's mental health centers, schools and psychiatric hospital. They may work with teachers, social workers, psychologists as part of a clinical team. Their job description might include implementing the treatment plan developed by the team as you work with children or adolescents who are withdrawn, depressed, violent, have been involved with the law, have learning difficulties or family conflicts. Back to Top

Early Childhood Educators

Early Childhood Educators have good knowledge and skills to work with preschool children. Emphasis is on total child development and guiding the child toward becoming self-reliant and emotionally stable. Communication skills and interpersonal relationships between children, parents and adults are an essential focus of the Early Childhood Educators. Back to Top


Sitters supervise clients, ensure safety, prepare light meals and nutrition. They also provide companionship.

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